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“And then there was us”

Around of applause you have done the hardest part of your couple's photoshoot, booking a date! How exciting – Lets prepare for your session, I've created this blog to help you know what to expect, answer your burning questions, and to give you exciting ideas for our upcoming time together.

The number one reason couples put off photos because they feel uncomfortable in front of the camera, who wouldn't! don’t worry if you don’t know what to do because I will direct you! My goal is for you to feel as authentic and comfortable in front of my camera as you can. We’ll chat, walk, and laugh, and you’ll be so busy enjoying yourselves that you’ll forget that you’re having your photos taken. Trust me!

You probably wondering how I will do this, well I'm a chatterbox but I also will send you a questionnaire leading up to your shoot. I'm truly interested in knowing who you are, what matters to you, what your love language is, what keeps you up at night, and what kind of ice cream you choose every time haha I'm a praline and cream kind of gal. The more comfortable we are around each other, the better your photos will be. This is a two-way street feel free to ask me as many questions you might have.

The next question that usually follows is 'what to wear' You'll want to rush out and buy something new or fill up your online shopping cart. But I'm hear to be your inner voice and tell you usually the best route is to go with something that’s comfortable and feels like you. There is nothing that says mood killer when you're constantly rearranging your outfit or are too hot for summer / too cold for winter. When you are searching in your wardrobe for that perfect outfit look for anything textured, sheer, or billowy, fabrics that flow turn up so beautifully in photographs. Try to avoid starchy, stiff-seeming garments that get crumpled in weird spots and need adjusting. Prints, logos, and bright colours as sometimes these detract from the most important parts of the photograph – you! But if that's important to you we can work together to makes your outfit best represented who you are.

Matching outfits are cute on twins but couples are a different story! You’ll want to find complementary outfits that showcase a variety of textures and colours so you can look good together without looking the same. When choosing your outfits and colour palette you want them to complement your chosen backdrop- e.g. Pine forest: greens, browns, creams, black or oranges.

Hot tips to make sure your session runs smoothly:

•Are you using your couple photos for a ‘Save the Date’ notice, I highly recommend scheduling your session at least four months in advance! This allows a comfortable amount of time for selections, edits, designs, printing, and delivery.

•No one wants a couple running several red lights to get there so make sure you aloud for a buffer around the day so that you aren’t rushing from one thing to another.

•Pack a picnic

• Stay hydrated a bit of liquid courage never hurt anyone

•You’ll feel like getting glammed up, go ahead and get your hair and makeup done. Just try to keep it as natural as possible.

•To add a bit of flare, feel free to bring some jackets or hats

Once the session is all said and done, next steps I’ll send you some sneak peeks 72 hours after your session via an online gallery, and the full gallery within 6 weeks. You’ll be able to create favourites lists, share online, or download your images for ‘Save the Date’ notices or framed prints to decorate your home.

I hope these tips help you prepare for our session. As always please reach out if you have any questions.

Emma x

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